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Rest, Busy, Stressed, & Spiritual ?

April 23, 2010

Speaking from my own personal experience of now, I am again reminded that if we are living lives that are busy and stressed out, then we are really not living a very good spiritual life.  Whether you are a leader or not, one of the things we have to remember is that we lead more by example than by the what we teach.  Also, our spiritual strength comes from our spiritual lifestyle.  The question I want to ask you is this.  If you are busy and stressed out in your life, would this be the kind of Christian life you would want those looking up to you to have?  If not, be very careful because if what I said before is true, then our lifestyle will disciple a lot more than what we teach in our discipleship.  Are we discipling to those looking up to us that the Christian life is one that is busy and stressed?  I hope not.  The only spiritual solution?  Begin to live a lifestyle that is unhurried and unstressed.

Let’s cut off some of the commitments we really don’t need to do and add some times of rest to our every day life.  Not only will you feel the spiritual difference, but you’ll be a better lifestyle discipler.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to hear the voice of God again now that you have definitive times of unhurried and relaxing rest.  Oh yeah, and maybe you’ll be able to experience the “fun” in life again.  =]

Just some admonishment from a young pastor who is also still learning!

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