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Signs of the End Times

August 4, 2015

Passion for His Kingdom

“Signs of the End Times”

Going Deeper: Luke 21:25-38

Listen to the Message here:

Discussion Questions

Share where you think we are in the (chronology) of the bible?  (somewhere between the temple’s destruction and the Second Coming).  What does that mean to you?

Are you ready for the “end times”?  How do you think we should be ready for the end times?

Luke’s gospel does not look so much at the “signs” but stresses the “character of those of that last generation.”

What does a Christian who is ready for the end times look like?  How can we get there?

Review the signs of the end times—

  1. the powers of the heavens will be shaken
  2. distress and confusion of the nations
  3. roaring of the sea
  4. fear the people
  5. world preached Mk 13:10
  6. (lawlessness) 1 Th. 2:9
  7. apostasy 1 Tim 4:1
  8. antichrist  2 Th. 2:3
  9. tribulation  Matt. 24:21
  10. sudden, unexpected, ubiquitous (universal) Return of Christ

Take a glance at our present status in history and discuss whether there are signs that are observable today.

Discuss how we can “sharpen the edge” spiritually and prepare ourselves well for the events of the end times.

Discuss ways in which you can carry out the following:

1. Reading books and testimonies about Christians who have lived through times of intense persecution

2. Engage with the world with the Christian witness (Prepare yourselves!)

3. Get Tough!  Join in short-term missions.  Get training for evangelism. Take a group hiking or backpacking

4. Showing Compassion (Are we to build an underground bunker with food and ammo?)  Rather we should be like Corrie Ten Boom rescuing Jews while under intense persecution.

5. Close-Knit Discipleship: Are you in a discipleship relationship?

Watch the Band of Brothers, Easy Company, and see how close those men had become in the heat of battle.

How can we build a close-knit community of disciples?

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