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Servant Greatness [Luke 22:24-30]

August 24, 2015

If you would like a refresher on the sermon, you may listen to it at   .  Sorry, no notes this time.

Sermon Based Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you look down on certain jobs that are more service-oriented?  What about the people who do those jobs?  Do you look down on them because they are in that type of job?
  2. Why do you think that society views greatness and success in terms of something that is more white-collar and managerial?  What do you think the Bible say about what is successful and what is great?  (You may use our particular passage or another passage.)
  3. One thing is for certain, Jesus views the servant-hearted person as the one being great and successful, regardless of whether you have a blue-collar or white-collar occupation.  Why do you think this from what we see in this passage and/or other passages of Scripture?
  4. Why is it hard to live the role of a servant in our regular lifestyle, and easier to live the role of a more bossy person.  (If you don’t have this issue, then how did you come to the place where you live naturally with a servant heart?)
  5. What about treasures in heaven?  What have you been taught about them or have read about them in your devotional times?
  6. How do you feel about the fact that, according to the New Testament, those who are more faithful believers will receive greater treasures in heaven?  How should this impact you in your life as a follower of Christ?
  7. What does being servant-hearted look like as a boss of a small or large company?  How does being a boss/leader, but yet a servant not contradict?  Again, what can it look like in your company/workplace?  Any examples you have seen from other Christian leaders in the marketplace?
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