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The Trial of Jesus: Trading Innocence for Guilt, Peace for Violence (Luke 23:1-25)

October 5, 2015

If you would like a refresher on the sermon and notes, please go to…

Fellowship Discussion Questions:

  1.  What hit you the most from the message?
  2. If you were Malchus, healed by Jesus, and asked by the chief priests to escort Him through the three trials He faced, what would you think, feel, or do?
  3. A lot of theologians observe that spiritually speaking we are like Barabbas, meaning we sinners were set free and pardoned as a result of Jesus’ condemnation.  If you were Barabbas, what would you do with your new life?  What would you do now as a person in the 21st century if you were given a second chance?
  4. Have you ever played the roles of this account in your life? (See below.)  Please explain.  What led you to leave these roles and become a follower of Christ?  Or are you still in one of these roles?
    Chief Priests – Doubters and/or Haters of Jesus.
    Pilate – Curios Analyzer of Jesus.  Agnostic to His Claims.
    Herod – Jesus is an Entertaining Religious Story.
    Crowds – Whatever the Popular Opinion of Jesus is, is Your Opinion. 
    Barabbas – The Substitute Religion/Philosophy You Prefer so You don’t have to Believe in Jesus.
    Theopholis – Objective Observer and Fan of Jesus, yet not Ready to Believe and Follow. 
  5. Any other insights or applications?
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