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Why Be Thankful In A Thankless World? (1 Thess. 5:16-18)

November 23, 2015

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Sermon Based Discussion Questions:

  1.  Do you ever find yourself in great discouragement or despair over your problems and/or the things going on in the world?  Explain.
  2. In the midst of no. 1, have you ever thought about these verses and how you could thank God in these situations?  If yes, how do you come about to doing that?  If no, how do you reconcile your problems and the problems of this world with God’s will to give thanks in all circumstances?
  3. How do you feel when you continue to give thanks in both good and bad circumstances?  Is there an emotional payoff?  Is there a spiritual payoff?
  4. Have you ever grown in Christ by being a continual major complainer and criticizer?  Explain.  Have you ever grown in Christ by being a continual thankful and grateful person to God?  Explain.
  5. How does the principle that thankfulness is a choice, not a feeling, change your life, if any?
  6. How does the six things that you can always be thankful for, even in the most horrible of situations, help you be thankful in all circumstances?
  7. Which of these six things listed help you the most in giving thanks always?  Why?
  8. What three things you will be thanking God for the most in this Thanksgiving season?
  9. Which one of you are a Christian and haven’t been baptized yet?  Will you consider getting baptized this coming March or April of 2016?
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